Mobile Basket Stand

Basket Stand with Wheels


  • Heavy duty chrome steel tube
  • Industry Leading ARP '3 Year Warranty'
  • Long life rubber wheels wtih foot brakes
  • Holds 40x30Litre Shopping Baskets
  • Holds 10x43Litre Wheelie Baskets

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Our premium shopping basket stand is a must have for any retail store. Keep your baskets neatly stacked and conveniently move them around the store with ease using the shopping basket stand’s heavy duty rubber wheels and built in foot brake.

Manufactured with strong heavy duty chrome steel tube and a capacity to hold up to 100kg, the ARP shopping basket stand comes with our Industry Leading ARP '3 Year Warranty' ensuring that it will withstand the harshest of environments and conditions.

As an alternative and for added convenience we also have mobile shopping basket stands with handle available and in stock.

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