Galvanised Stock Trolleys

Single Deck Flatbed Stock Trolley (Large)


Deck Size: 1140mm x 565mm

  • Galvanised Sheet Stock Trolley
  • Single Deck platforms measures 1140mm x 565mm
  • 6 Wheel design for manoeuvrability
  • Functional and durable

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This flatbed stock trolley is fully galvanised platform stock trolley. It's heavy duty, water resistant design is the ideal cool room and backroom stock trolleys for retail stores in Australia.

With a heavy duty load capacity of 600kg, six wheel design for excellent manouverability and deck size measuring 1140mm x 565mm, our Large Single Deck Galvanised Platform Stock Trolley is the perfect heavy duty flatbed stock trolley, ideal for carton use and trasporting heavy equipment and stock within warehouses, cool room and backroom areas of retail stores.

Alternatively this Large Single Deck Galvanised Flatbed Stock Trolley is also available as a Large Double Deck Galvanised Platform Stock Trolley

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